Choice of photographer

How to choose your photographer

Pictures says more than 1000 words. Most people read images quickly and form an impression about the quality of what they see. This is true both for professionals who daily work with visual communication, and all others.

Choosing a photographer from the price? from friends’ recommendation? from the clever photographer you met in town for drinks? form your own opinion about the photographer’s work when you look at it? Do you trust your own taste, or do you like all the others?

Iløbet of the crisis, there has been much focus on saving the photograph and choose the photos for the price, not quality. It’s an easy place to save, but it is a wise place to save?

When you buy the pictures, they usually last for a longer period of time, probably years and help to brand you, your company or the company you work in. The pictures you choose to use gives a clear and quick impression of quality and professionalism .

If you are not accustomed to working with photographers, it can be difficult to understand why a photo session in a day or more can cost between kr: 10,000 and 100,000. It sounds like really a lot of money and many think that a photographer just press the button .. It makes the photographer, even after careful planning and much thought … Meanwhile, at a production frequently used equipment for over 100,000, it also says something about price levels . If you as a customer by dividing the price of your pictures up by the time they are needed, you will find that your money will always be well spent on a good photographer. You also get an invaluable positive branding value on the quality you reflect.

I found some great photographers in Denmark thru my friend from London.


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