Good photography

Good photographers

Just as with literature, then a photograph is also an expression of an artistic soulcreativity.

Where the author’s pen driver behind the book’s words, then the photographer the great animal trainer on the subject and technique. I have for many years known a good photographer in Denmark, who has photographed many of the Danish capital’s people and animals. Not always the nice people and the cutest animals – including people who look just asbad in pictures, as they do in reality.

A good photographer is capable of maintaining reality, he changes not, but merely to reinforce and convey the impression that the camera’s lens captures.

It need not be deep – it may just be a henslægt banana peal or a dilapidated wall in the streets of Denmark. The important thing is simply that the photographer sees the moment and holds it with his camera.

It is art. Not in the classic way with brush or typewriter, but the modern way with lens and shutter. The danish photographers are privileged. They have the entire city as itsplayground. There are many moments that stand to be saved for later. On the photographer film, or directly to the photographer’s computer.

Easy is it to shoot, hard is it to find the image you can capture the zeitgeist in a split second and do something for the people to behold the photo later.


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