Wedding photography

Wedding A-Z

After the initial contact is established, it is agreed what the bride and groom want – it’s such wedding pictures all day, only by marriage, only the portraits etc then made a simple contract, so we have a little paper at each other. Before the wedding to pay a small deposit. If the bride and groom wish, a meeting before the wedding possible.arranged – it can be nice just to see each other’s eyes before it goes away on the day.

If you want coverage all day, I take during the wedding and celebration as anonymously as possible so everyone can be allowed to celebrate the day in peace.When it comes time for portrait pictures, the bride and groom and myself to the selected location. There should be no one present except the couple themselves, perhaps. a bridesmaid to help with dress, hair, etc. and myself. For any pictures with bridesmaids, groomsmen or children, they must of course also included. Be aware that good pictures take time. Between 45-60 minutes is certainly not too much – as a rule of thumb one can say that each image takes about 4-6 minutes.

When a wedding is over, I look through all the images, sort and finisher. This is a laborious process that takes time. The bridal couple can usually expect that the images are done 2-3 weeks after the wedding. I focus on quality over quantity and do not generally over 200 images from a full day photography – I would rather use the time to make one good picture, rather than 2/2 good. Now install the images into a gallery of an address that only bride and groom know. Here they can see the images and any.propose simple fixes in each picture. The address of this gallery can of course be passed on to friends and acquaintances, so they too will be able to see the many pictures from the wedding day.

When the final touches are put on the pictures, paid the remaining amount, after which the images are sent.

wedding photographer


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