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Wedding and wedding photography

If you search the web under the word “Photographer” or the word “Wedding Photographer”, it is almost a jungle to navigate through all the links that pop up. All photographers offer “of course” the best product and the best pictures and all promise the best service. We are also confident that they have ambitions, and most do it probably is. But still pops up stories, about people who have been dissatisfied with their wedding pictures, or with the photographer’s personality and visual style. We even have even heard of people who have booked another photographer for their wedding, to make their wedding pictures on.

We will in this page, try to come up with some examples of what to be aware of when choosing wedding photographer and what things you want to ensure is in place before the big day.

“Requirements for the photographer, but also for you as couples ….”

When in choosing your photographer and finding the right, it is essential that you offer in with the stuff in is important for you and who would like to see emerge in your images when they are ahead of you after the wedding.

There are many ways to approach a wedding photography depends on the choice of a wedding photographer’s also the choice of a particular style and personality. So please be aware that the choice of wedding photographer demands, to your personal style and commitment. Sitting in that now and think that we do not have so much meaning in images. There must use your network and simultaneously listen to your inner and common sense. Use the opportunity to talk with the photographer or others who are knowledgeable about the visual media, as we often find that doubts can be easily lost by a look on the internet under “wedding photographers” on because of the high security after some surfing around and turning back to a particular style of both is most supporter. Such a feeling is usually right.

Once in so have found some pieces would like to look closely at contact these photographers and explain to them where i stand. Many photographers in Denmark are skilled and experienced and can easily guide you through your might. wishes and choices!

Ensures you in you do not feel pressured by the individual photographer and ensure you especially the chemistry is there. Is the chemistry there before the wedding, the chemistry will not be there on the day.

Inspect in particular also …..

Wedding photographers show of course always their best shot at their websites and in their shops, but ask them to want to watch a series from a full day or half day, where the photographer has helped. Today one can really cope with many things in the computer and hide any. missing someone might have as a photographer afterward.

For example, you should not book a studio photographer if you want big, beautiful trees and heavy skies in her wedding picture. Conversely, you should not expect to book a wedding photographer who beats being a specialist in on-location photography to bring big studio lights and backgrounds.

“Dreams photographer …… because life can not be taken on …..”

When you choose the photographer, must also choose which selects everything else in want in life, such as your dream house, dream car, dream holiday, etc: with the right feeling, it must be like to give a “puff” in your stomach when you see some wedding pictures from a photographer in considering. The experience was like to be so big that you can see yourself in the images each photographer can show!

Ask you not satisfied with just being photographed, ask some of your photographer, insist that he live his chief center every time, especially at your wedding. Auto mechanic can not afford to have a bad day. The day he happened to be adjusting some brakes in the car that does not work too well and not getting it done properly ….accident and then subsequently out, it is too late! The same with your wedding pictures, THEY CAN NOT CONVERTED!

“Hollywood .. Lord of the rings .. aka .. Photo journalist / art photographer vs. Traditional bryllypsbillede …”

The atmosphere in images is essential for a good picture, but what falls under the word Atmosphere?.

Anyone can figure out how to put a couple under a tree and ask them to kiss each other or ask them to look toward you as a “photographer”, but it is rarely pretty exciting pictures out and the image aesthetic value is just to place agents in the drawer and to regard as anything we have bought but no longer sees any great value in.

The Hollywood industry development, made a greater and greater demands on the visual media today. Especially because the discerning moviegoer is familiar with some of each, and will not “settle”. The same goes for wedding photographers, who must be prepared to wedding pictures “look” are constantly changing and the demand for technical capability and ability to be at the right time, the place is more and more important. Therefore, in making up with you even though i is the more photo-journalistic and artistic, or the more traditional type.

“A picture says a thousand words …. sometimes when it succeeded ….”

Photo journalist’s job is to make images that tell a story about a person’s life, a world war or a national team that wins Em in 92 as the total underdogs, we looked at these few pictures can see what it’s all about, solely based on cover photo . (Photojournalist: Jan Dagø) A picture tells a writer what makes a thousand words.

In the “old” days there were not many pictures in a newspaper or magazine and the photographer’s options at that time was quite limited and expensive and we therefore chose to work from a traditional pattern, with as little waste as possible. How the traditional photographer still partially today. Unlike photo-journalist who with his digital camera to shoot and just delete again.

Leaves as “Billed Bladet” or “See and Hear” consists largely of little more than pictures. And just because we’re used to looking at pictures as much as we do everyday in both television and magazines, there must also be more before we allow ourselves to impress a given photographer’s portfolio, his photos should tell us something right away, otherwise we choose him / her off.

The photographers often have most to do and most often is chosen over the other are those who understand how to move with the times and change their visual style to suit what “Hollywood” dictates! With cinematic masterpieces as “Lord and the Rings” insert new standards for what great pictures are. And how much the word aesthetic means. A picture is no longer than registration of some people, but a personal story about the very people. And in this case, these people’s biggest day in their lives.

Therefore, a photographer today be adaptable and consider each task he made as a unique and new. He can not afford to drive it home on routine, as you so nicely said today. So STYLE REQUIREMENTS!

“But … the price??”

Today, there are no serious wedding photographer in price 6000, – and up. A wedding photographer puts his entire Saturday of to make your wedding and usually have many expenses for transportation, equipment, marketing and rent. In addition, he is after your big wedding day is gone, sitting and doing finishing all the images, put them up for print or in a bug. Photo Book has bestilt.Han to spend time on the switch to the lab, the contact with you, keep abreast of the latest products on the market and the latest trends. He has websites are being updated and he must also have food.

A photographer who is skilled and knows he is good at what he does and who can safely put your wedding photos in the hands, also takes the price of the item is worth and no more! As a photographer who offers himself to 2500 – for an entire day can not possibly deliver a good product. Unless he has Polish roots or do not pay for the bodies he needs legislative in DK.

“But Uncle Jens takes the good hobby images … why not him?”

Because Uncle Jens often to the party, and often like everyone else who is with the party, want to enjoy it and maybe even have a little inside “the West” … you are well man not it ;-)?

BUT precisely why one can not expect a hobby photographer, as Uncle Jens, is as well prepared as a professional and skilled wedding photographer. Making wedding portraits in tricky lighting conditions and weather conditions, requires great professional insight into the camera and flash technical capability. So being a wedding photographer for most amateur and hobby photographers have a great and responsible task to undertake. And must share responsibility, to assess whether in the dry let the pictures to Uncle Jens! You put’m not the neighbor’s son to build his house, just because he makes some wildly beautiful sandcastles on the beach … well? 😉

REMEMBER! When the wedding is over, there’s only 2 physical memories: Wedding rings and wedding pictures right? 🙂

“Spare NOT the wedding photographer, it may prove to be VERY stupid!”


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